Where to Eat Wednesday: Merrill & Co.

If you find yourself in Boston, and you’re looking for a place to eat with a lot of character, a well stocked bar and some great food – I believe this is your place.

Yes, I’m in the reflection. And yes, I followed that sign’s instructions 😉

When you walk in you get a sense of “50’s diner gets a face lift for the 21st century.” A mix of vinyl bar stools & metal rimmed tables, a classy black, red and grey color scheme, a fancy tiled ceiling and the old-made-new-again chalkboard accents for an extra look at the menu. The natural light makes the whole place feel very open.

The exposed brick really brings out a nice color towards the back of the restaurant, and brick is something you’ll see a lot of in Boston. The visible filament light bulbs attached by pipes is almost steampunk-y, but fits into the whole scheme very nicely. Industrial chic?

Such a great diner feel, it’s comfortable and not overdone. Sweet ketchup accents (no sarcasm my friends, I think it makes the table.)

Oh how I wish this was not the only picture I had taken, because it does not do this French Toast justice. Fresh whipped cream, berries, the whole nine. My husband devoured it. I got an omelette which I equally devoured, but did not get a good picture of. I’ll do a better job of being that obnoxious friend with the camera next time I meet my friends for brunch 😉

I’d love to come back to this place again the next time I’m in Boston, the service was great, they were playing some Whitney Houston and Beyonce which was quite a powerful way to start off my Sunday, and their food was top notch. Mimosas weren’t bad either 😉 

Until next time I’m the “food blogger” friend,

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