Where to Eat Wednesday: Rice to Riches NYC

Welcome to the first edition of What to Eat Wednesday!
This will be the first post to the portion of my blog where I share with you places I’ve eaten and loved, and think you might love too. (: 
Our first stop is Spring St. in Soho, and the place is called Rice to Riches. It’s a designer dessert shop specializing in rice pudding. Designer dessert – what do you mean? 

Rice to Riches is a really futuristic looking little dessert shop. I wish I had taken a picture of the outside, but the sign to the storefront is giant san-serifed text screaming “look at me! come inside and feast!” And well, as you can see from this shot of the counter, it’s pretty intense.
Everything is stark white with pops of a beautiful orange accent, the wall sayings are snarky and witty such as “the eaten path” and “my ex-husband drove me to rice pudding.”
I’m not much of a fan of rice pudding. Rather, I hated it. I only went here with a friend because I was essentially being led blindly to my death (we really thought that people were going to find us and sell our organs, but being 18 and brand new to any part of NYC, especially at night, might do that to you. I know now that it’s in a good part of town :P) I opened my mind to this place when I walked in and was blown away by the decor. Then, I looked down at the flavors. French toast? Chocolate Hazelnut? Cookies and Cream? Preposterous. They of course, also had plain jane rice pudding. They had toppings too! Cinnamon, whipped cream, chocolate drizzle – you name it. Plus some fancy looking drinks, espresso’s and chai’s galore.

So, I tried it. I spent 7 whole dollars (I told you, designer dessert) on a (neat looking) tiny little (reusable) bowl of oddly flavored rice pudding – and loved it. Would I go every day? Not on your life, but I would absolutely come to tell anyone who enjoys a good hidden city gem about it. 

While I was more focused on eating, I didn’t get to take a ton of pictures – so to leave off, here’s a good one that I think I might use as my mantra this year.

See you next Wednesday!!

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