Where to Eat Wednesday: The Grey Dog, NYC

Welcome to the second Where to Eat Wednesday!
Today, we’re in Chelsea, Manhattan, NYC, NY. This fantastic little breakfast/lunch spot in the heart of Chelsea is called The Grey Dog, and I found them through a recommended list of places to go on Foursquare! Who knew? 

Now, I lived in Chelsea for 4 years. That’s a good amount of time to go exploring, wouldn’t you think? I didn’t find this place until I moved to Connecticut, and boy can I tell you I am so mad it took me so long. The inside of this place is amazing! There is so much character, it’s better than finding an artsy cafe – it’s an artsy sandwich place, meaning you can actually eat and spend time here without feeling like you need to get another coffee (Or is that just me? Cafe’s make me uncomfortable, I just wanna be cool guys.) The food is hearty, wholesome and exactly what you want on a Sunday afternoon. I had a grilled chicken press sandwich on sourdough bread and it was like a miracle happening in my mouth. Served with chips, and I had a raspberry iced tea (made in house!) and it was fantastic. It was also a huge sandwich, so I ate the other half for lunch the next day.

Love those light fixtures.

I took this picture because they use a PBR can as a light for their fancy drink menu! Ironic and progressive. They serve wine and things of the sort, which is great if you want to have a fancy catch up with a friend but don’t want to get dressed up for some snobby place uptown. They also have some pretty sweet looking desserts. We tried the pumpkin pie, and it was pretty good – they give you a HUGE piece, so definitely get one to share.

Okay, now the designer in me has to shout – look at that menu!! It’s beautiful! Why in heavens name would they allow comic sans on their printed menus, I don’t know, but I love the handwritten chunky illustrativeness of their walls. In the seating areas they actually have art up that you could buy if you like well enough too!

As a side note, everyone who works at The Grey Dog have such warm happy friendly personalities. They seem like the genuinely wanted to be there and working there. The food was real and the people were real, and I felt like I was at home in my first time being there. I can’t wait to go back with a few friends and get my sandwich on!!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Stay tuned for act 3!

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