Why you need to read Nimona

With my current job, I get a commute. The commute can either be an hour and a half drive sit in traffic or an hour of a little driving, and mostly sitting on a train or shuttle bus to my place of employment.

I choose the latter, where I get to read fabulous books and listen to amazing podcasts – I had the pleasure of reading this paperback comic compilation one day of my commute last week (since it was a pretty quick read I finished it that day), and I wanted to tell you why I loved it so much.

Meet Nimona, the misunderstood and excitable villaness.

Word on the street was Noelle Stevenson, author & illustrator of the Lumberjanes comics, cool chick I had seen on tumblr a few times, had this other book out called Nimona that was hard to come by in stores – you know the ones, where you went before amazon was a thing. Go outside sometimes people, they’re still there.

Upon further investigation, the book had initially started out as a webcomic. I missed that boat, but I am so happy that I was able to snag the last copy of the book in my local comic book shop. The girl behind the register was jealous that she wasn’t able to pick it up, but she works there so she can just wait for the next shipment. I however, did not have to.

IMG_5822Our protagonist Nimona is a shape-shifting baddie who wants total world domination. She proclaims herself the sidekick of Ballister Blackheart, the worlds worst villain next to Invader Zim, but with a metal arm so he’s cooler or something. And not an alien. Anyway, Blackheart got kicked out of Hero academy and his ex-best friend (with whom there is AMAZING romantic tension) Ambrosius Goldenloin (best name) is his arch-nemesis who is fighting the good fight that he so desperately wanted for himself. Or so he thinks.

Nimona swoops in paws & claws blazing, trying to teach her boss how to be a better villain, when all he wants to do is science and win the long con. She’s supportive, energetic, unpredictable and an all around faithful sidekick, even if she doesn’t take to directives that well. Let’s just say she learned the only lesson she could from the Kool-Aid man. Oh yeahhhh.

Since the book is a relatively short read (with amazing supporting art, since it is a comic book after all), and also just an amazing book in general, I don’t want to say too much and give all of the story away. The story is part of the charm. I’ve come to find that people who have the ability to create completely new worlds that have their own rules, locations, backstories & secondary/tertiary characters are just winning me over by the second. Noelle, I applaud you. Also you’re great. Also I wish I could shape-shift.

While I have yet to pick up Lumberjanes, after how entertained I was reading this book, I will absolutely be picking those and any further Noelle works up in the future. This is the kind of book that as soon as you close the cover you want to hand out to your friends. The only other book I’ve experienced that with was “Ready Player One,” and that’s being made into a movie. Fun fact: Lumberjanes is also being made into a movie. Sweet.

What books have you read that you practically shoved into other people’s hands after you finished them? Have you read Nimona yet? Why not?
Let me know in the comments.
<3 Rhimona (nope. not my name.)

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