St. Patrick’s Day Noms

Last year I posted this handy little listicle looking at all these neat traditional Irish recipes to make for St. Patricks – yes, some include booze, and no they aren’t all artificially green. Time to bring it back – and probably make one or two this weekend! Get pumped – and maybe not so super wrecked 😉

Saint Patrick’s Day (on March 17th) is one of those holidays that is losing it’s grasp on why people celebrate it other than to drink profusely. Let’s take a step back for a minute, and talk about some lesser known and traditional foods that are inspired by Ireland and not artificially green – and okay, maybe served with a Guinness.

And a quick wikipedia search was able to tell me that the day is celebrating the departure of Saint Patrick, as well as Irish culture in general, with gatherings, food, drink and music (anything you’ve given up for Lent is lifted for the day – who knew?) So let’s talk food.

  1. Irish Soda Bread – growing up in an Irish family, I know that Irish Soda bread is a very family oriented dish; mainly because I know I’m not allowed to share my recipe. Irish Soda bread is certainly a learned talent, because I’ve made it a few times now, and without my mom on top of me telling me how to make it, mine comes out flat and not as tasty as hers. That won’t stop me from trying!
  2. Boxty It’s not Irish without potatoes. Boxty is a grated and mashed potato pancake. It looks like a hash brown, but it’s meant to be eaten with cabbage or Irish stew, and there are songs and rhymes that go with it!
  3. Shepherd’s Pie – Throw everything delicious into a dish and be done with it! Top it off with potatoes! All the yes!
  4. Whiskey Cake – What?! Oh man, forget the rest of this list, I’ve got to go make this right now! A bundt cake that is covered with a whiskey icing, which looks moist and delicious. Make sure the whiskey you’re using is Irish, otherwise what’s the point?!
  5. Irish Oatmeal – Why not start your day off with something delicious? Maybe try this on a weekend when you have more time before work though 😉
  6. Hot Toddies – more whiskey (not sorry!) and a little bit of lemon and clove, a nice way to end a night! While this isn’t food, there’s some prep work involved, but it’s totally worth it for your head (it’s good for colds!) and your heart.
  7. Irish Apple Cake – I love apples, so you don’t have to twist my arm to use them in a recipe. Moist, chunky and cinnamon-y. Yum!
  8. Spotted Dog Scones – Maybe it’s because my mom is obsessed with scones, or if they aren’t made right they’re terrible (like soda bread!) but scones are another tasty breakfast or tea treat.
  9. Ballymaloe Balloons – In doing research for this list, I’ve never heard of these, but they couldn’t sound more Irish. These are pan fried little flour pastries that you can toss in cinnamon sugar and have as a bite. I’m totally going to try these too!
  10. Sticky Toffee Pudding – I’ve never had this either, but while looking for other recipes, this one kept coming up (boozy and not!). So I’ll certainly try this for a change of pace. 

I know I said no “green”, but growing up my mom used to make green pistachio pudding for me and my sister, with corned beef & cabbage for dinner and soda bread. In my head, that’s a tasty Irish meal, but any of the foods above would certainly get me excited as well. I’m a proud Irish girl with a proud Irish name (Rhiannon doesn’t just come from a song, my friends) and I hope that you celebrate this day, Irish or not!

<3 Rhi

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