I Buy Pretty Things #009 – Batch Green Tea Ice Cream

It looks like there are a lot of great things that come out of Massachusetts – who knew that one was going to be tea flavored? (Insert Boston Tea Party joke here).

I love green tea and I’ve loved it for a long time now. I’ve made green tea whoopie pie frosting and green tea cheesecakes – so since it’s the newest trendy food, I am so excited! Trendy means more green tea products, David’s tea even recently made a to-go container to make it green tea on the run which I love. This green tea ice cream though, really popped out at me and I had to have it.

Batch ice cream is a pretty cool company that seems to want to take on a “craft beer” approach to ice cream. Well, considering craft beer packaging is amazing and seems to be the only beer I can currently get behind, I can absolutely get on board with a craft ice cream movement.


So first off, I love the chalkboard look that this has (and it carries through to their website too! A+ branding initiative). I mean, there’s probably no way to be more on trend then using a minimalist/iconic approach to the package AND have a chalkboard type treatment. What I noticed and loved about this package is that there’s no picture of the ice cream on it. It says ice cream, and is merchandised with ice cream, so obviously I don’t need much else to tell me that’s it’s ice cream. The food/taste appeal aspect comes across in the little icon for the tea, which is fitting. Other flavors like vanilla show vanilla beans, or salted caramel shows caramel. Fitting, and not overwhelming.


I love the little sticker on top! It’s a nice touch that doesn’t need to overtake the entire top of the carton, and there’s a different one on each flavor. According to this fancy article on the dieline, the creators wanted it to have a homemade/indie feel, so I think they accomplished that completely. It also helps that all the ingredients are organic/fair trade, so the design elements used are very much in the fair-trade realm. No loud brands screaming about their brand name food all over the packaging, no obnoxious colors or streams of random flavor cues exploding all over the package. Calm. Quiet. Ice cream. Just for me!


The ice cream itself is a little paler green than those green tea cheesecakes I made a while back, which honestly makes it look a lot more appealing to eat. It doesn’t look like it will change the color of your insides, and since all the ingredients are natural, there’s no special coloring in here that is going to make it punch-you-in-the-face green. The texture of the ice cream was nice and creamy – If you’ve ever had the green tea frappuccino from Starbucks, this is basically the pure ice cream version of that. Not bitter, like green tea can be, but not overly sweet. Refreshing!


If I were a real food photographer, I would’ve perfected my scoop and taken some pictures of the ice cream scoop coming out of the carton, but since I’m not and ice cream melts, this is what I can manage. I still consider these pictures decent though!

Batch ice cream has a whooole lot of other flavors in their repertoire, basics like chocolate and vanilla, but fun ones like this, salted caramel and cinnamon chocolate. Go buy them, since I’m sure they’re all delicious!

(Disclaimer: I am in no way sponsored by batch ice cream, I just thought the packaging was cool and the ice cream is delicious. Make your own choices people.)

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