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Typically when one hears about a “flight” of something, it’s beer. I don’t like beer (gasp!) and I always wished I did because the idea of getting a flight was just too cool for school. Not to mention the sweet sweet packaging which you will be seeing some of soon on this blog! Last Sunday we went out for a between lunch/dinner meal at Local Kitchen and Beer Bar in Fairfield and found out that they had a cider flight! Mind blown.

IMG_5264-0Guess who joined me in the tasting! My husband weighs more on the light beer side, so flights of beer tend to not be up his alley either. We were both all in for this flight experience – maybe he got a little too excited though 😉

Silly husband.

He keeps track of all the fun non-liquor drinks in an app called Untappd, so we could recount all of our opinions later. He apparently doesn’t go below a 2 star rating, I think we’re both too nice for those types of things.

We tried all of them one by one and took a bite out of our pulled pork slider appetizer for a “palate cleanser” which happened to work out pretty well!
Of the four ciders we got to choose from, we rated them on a 1-5 star scale and made some notes about how they tasted. Here’s where we netted out.
(Referencing from the closer set of four, left to right)

  1. Thistly Cross Whisky Cask Cider (the smooth one)
    This ended up being my second favorite cider. The color was good (even though this photo does it no justice – it was more on par with the 3rd seen here), the taste was really just perfectly cidery. There was no bite to it, which made it a little dangerous for a hard cider, but that’s what a lot of us are looking for anyway 😉
  2. Julian Harvest Apple Cider (the super mild one)
    This basically looked like water, which was nuts to me, and the taste was so subtle it was almost not there. I felt like this one was a good mixer cider – if you’ve ever been to a Renaissance faire, they happen to specialize in mixed cider drinks. I think this would be perfect for that, but on it’s own its just a very quiet drink.
  3. JK’s Scrumpy Orchard Gate Gold Organic Hard Cider (the tart one)
    If you could imagine blue moon (the only beer I’ve ever been able to drink) in cider form, this would be it. My husband disagrees, but I felt like this had a pretty deep and almost beer like bite while the cider came in second place. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good cider, but it was very tart. It was like “Hey, I’m a cider and I have a little bit of a kick. Let’s drink to me!”
  4. McKenzie’s Black Cherry Cider
    This was my favorite. What I liked most about this one is the deep color to make me look cool while I’m drinking it, paired with a decently strong black cherry flavor. I thought that the cherry and cider were pretty well balanced, and it really brought the fruity flavor out overall. 10/10 would drink again.

Have you tried any of these ciders? Do you have a go-to cider that you pick up? We’re a Strongbow household, but if I can convince my husband to find some of the McKenzie’s I’ll switch over to that in a heartbeat.
Next week we’re going up to Portland and hitting up the Meadworks and the Allagash Brewery, I could not be more excited!

Let me know your cider preference in the comments! 🙂


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  1. Thanks for sharing–I love cider! I’m a huge fan of Thistly Cross Whisky Cask. You were very lucky to find a flight of these ciders, and what an interesting flight too! I’m not a fan of Strongbow, although apparently the “original” version before they made is sweet and added all the artificial stuff was good. In areas with limited cider selections, Crispin is pretty decent.

    Definitely support craft cideries if you can. Although I love craft cider, Woodchuck is my favorite commercial cider (Winter Chill is my favorite probably). Commercial cider is easier on the budget, but I often splurge on the good craft stuff. Living in Seattle I’m spoiled by many good cider choices.

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