I Buy Pretty Things #005 – Coney Island Root Beer

Root beer seemed to pop up as a trendy summer drink this year. I kept hearing about “Not your father’s root beer,” and I stumbled across this Coney Island Root Beer packaging; it absolutely stole my heart.

Not just because I’m a New Yorker and haven’t been to Coney Island yet so I absolutely feel shame and need to make up for it or anything. Absolutely not. I like root beer.


There are a few things I know about Coney Island. One is that there’s a pretty sweet roller coaster/amusement park there, and the other is the “steeplechase face” that’s been seen on other beer packaging (I snapped a photo of it here!) and is just general Coney Island Knowledge imagery.

Check this out though – not only do you have really nice typography all across the packaging, but the copy plays along too.



I am tall enough, and I took my taste buds for a ride. Root beer is a great treat for me, immediately associated with root beer floats and summer. The color scheme of the packaging overall speaks to summer, bright yellows and oranges play off the brown coloring of root beer & bottle, harkening back to sunsets and summer fun on a boardwalk.


This packaging is just a breath of fresh air, shining sun rays and nicely styled as a whole. The drink is smooth and flavorful, and not overtly alcoholic. It’ll brighten up your fridge or bring a little something different to your last couple summer BBQ’s. Root beer: it’s what’s with dinner.

Ambugers and WootBeer. That’s just been playing over and over in my head while I write this whole post. No one is gonna catch that reference, but I had to share this ever-so-classy flash animation from the pre-YouTube days.

Have any packaging you’re in love with? Drop me a line so I can oogle at it too 🙂
<3 Rhi

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