Cinnamon Cupcakes

Back to remaking recipes from blog-past! My husband requested cinnamon something, and who am I to say no to my husband? Recently I’ve been on a cookie kick, and I felt like the plethora of cupcake liners I had in my pantry were getting ignored. So with cinnamon in mind, I took a look through…


Cinnamon Bundt Cakes & Roll Goals

One of my favorite stories is when I worked at Quiznos, age 17, and my boss who was from Bangladesh was asking me to grab some stuff from the back so we could refill the cooler case. “Could you grab me the bund-it cakes?” “The what?” “Bund-it. The bund-it cakes.” “Ray. It’s bundt. One word.”…


Cinnamon Blondies

(Originally Posted March 13th 2015 when there was still an intense amount of snow in Connecticut) Scene: Quick! We’re going to game night and I need to bring something that’s not overly rich and doesn’t have chocolate in it. Also if it’s warm that’s a plus because there’s too much snow outside! Cinnamon Blondies. Boom….


Cinnamon Chocolate Souffles

Guys!! While the souffles look like they super didn’t rise in these photos – they did. A little. It wasn’t perfect, but they did I swear! I was insanely proud of how these turned out, since I have never made a souffle before so I’m happy to now know what goes into making one (hint:…


GF Cinnamon Roll Cookies

Adapted from Gluten Free on a Shoestring The website I got this from has a more precise way of rolling out the dough/rolling up the cookies so that they’re more even. I personally didn’t care whether I had baby cookies or enormous misshapen cookies – it gives them all more character and they still taste delicious…