Cinnamon Cupcakes

Back to remaking recipes from blog-past! My husband requested cinnamon something, and who am I to say no to my husband? Recently I’ve been on a cookie kick, and I felt like the plethora of cupcake liners I had in my pantry were getting ignored. So with cinnamon in mind, I took a look through…

Peanut Butter Balls

Tis the season for easy baking…. Fa la la la la… don’t bake at all. It’s true! You don’t need to bake these! You can even watch me make them, it was really easy, and you could start an assembly line of family to help you make them. Just make sure them hands is clean….

Cinnamon Blondies

(Originally Posted March 13th 2015 when there was still an intense amount of snow in Connecticut) Scene: Quick! We’re going to game night and I need to bring something that’s not overly rich and doesn’t have chocolate in it. Also if it’s warm that’s a plus because there’s too much snow outside! Cinnamon Blondies. Boom….

Peanut Butter Blossoms

If there is one thing I should be WAY better at after having a baking blog for 5 years, it should be reading directions. Guess what THIS KID didn’t do. I find this recipe, peanut butter blossoms with only FOUR ingredients, and none of them are flour (gluten free score!) and I think to myself, how hard can this…

Dark Chocolate Chip Blondies

Yahoo! My first recipe redo on the new blerg. If you’ve read my intro post, you’ll know that I initially started my blog to teach myself how to take better photos. One of the reasons I wanted to relaunch my blog was to go back through old recipes and recreate them to see if they were…