I haven’t baked in about 2 weeks due to having leftover birthday cake from my mom’s birthday last weekend. I was trying to be reasonable and eat that before I made much else.

I have so many apples still. I must crumble. Soon.

But – I did do a lot of other neat stuff this past week.



It was my second anniversary with this amazing man I married. I got to remember the day I organized everyone in my life that I loved to be in the same place with us. We went to dinner and just enjoyed each other’s company. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.


IMG_5599Got a new fancy starbucks cup. Appreciating actual fall now, instead of what everyone thought was fall beginning 3 weeks ago. Quit it, guys.

IMG_5603 IMG_5604

Worked at home. Setup some adorable woodland creatures to make my workspace a little friendlier. Pier 1 actually liked the photo, so now I know I’ve made it in the world.
Watched history channel and drank wine. Also attempted to do this nail tutorial, finally got close enough on my 4th try and said “sure this is fine.” It looks better from far away, so maybe just don’t come close to me. I’m about to take it off after my mom said to me “What happened to your fingers?!

Sorry, mom.

After 3 stores and one agitated phone call, I got an iPhone 6. How hard is it to tell people that you want to give them your money and actually let them take it? Harder than you think. Verizon isn’t on my good side right now.
But I seriously love my new phone. Space Gray, if you’re wondering. And still without a case, so I’m treating it like a wedding cake in the back of a van – carefully moving it from place to place. 😛

I also cried my way through episodes 3 & 4 of “Life is Strange.” I have no words (for this post at least).


Went to a friend’s 30th birthday shindig. We got a school bus to drive to 4 different CT breweries and had a lot of beer. I don’t usually like beer, or moreso I like a few sips and then don’t want anymore because I hate it. Two roads is an awesome brewery though, and I’d happily go back there to grab more beers. I liked everything I tried and stole one of the beers from my husband’s flight.

I also finally got to try “Not Your Father’s Root Beer,” which was indeed smoother tasting than the Coney Island I reviewed. I think both the sets of packaging are cool, but Coney Island wins that battle.


Spent the day with my family and ended up checking out the lunar eclipse. Pretty sweet way to end the weekend.


What are you looking forward to this week?
Leave it in the comments.

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