I Buy Pretty Things #008 – Silly Cow Farms Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate. Autumn. What could be better?

Oh right, this adorable tin that some seriously delicious hot chocolate is in. Have you heard of Silly Cow Farms? I’ve bought hot chocolate from them in the past (because of the cute little jar it comes in – surprised?), so I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed with the actual product. The package, however comes equipped with the best type of reusable aspect…


Tada!! It’s a “cow” coin bank! Awesome, I will recycle the heck out of this tin – not like I wasn’t going to already. Cow print in kitchens is pretty much the best thing that happened to my childhood. If you’re in the Long Island area, check out Maureen’s Kitchen in Smithtown. Seriously, you will not regret it.

So what caught my eye about this? I picked it up in Whole Foods, and for a store that’s heavily versed in brown & green colors, the bright pink and white stood out on shelves. Then the straight pickup of form from a metal farm milk jug was a nice touch to the package. Okay it’s adorable. It almost makes you want to carry the tin from those, but I would look so silly.

Silly Cow has great hot chocolate, and their packaging is on point.
10/10 would buy again.

If you find some sweet packaging that you think I would like, let me know in the comments or @bakerhi on twitter!

(Originally Posted Oct 23, 2014)

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