I Buy Pretty Things #001

Hey readers!
This is a reprise of some posts from my previous blog (before the move) and I wanted to share them anyway. Even if the product is unavailable by now, the packaging still holds up. Cheers to eye candy!

So, as some of you know, I’m a graphic designer when I’m not baking. As a designer, sometimes I get overly excited about packaging when no one really seems to notice – in particular because if you buy something because of the packaging, then the designer did their job well. This sparkling tea packaging is awesome, and I’m about to tell you why I think so.

First things first – in a drink aisle, it’s rare when you see white. The pop of color makes it stand out though! Props. I love the hand drawn typestyle, and how the other flavors fit into the rest of the line.

Flavor-wise, this stuff is phenomenal! It’s got a one-up on seltzer just because it’s got more punch as a tea. It’s very refreshing, nice and fizzy, and the raspberry is a nice second note to the tea. I can’t wait to buy a second case! They come 4 cans to a box, so maybe I should buy two 😉

Anyway, that’s my two cents on this pretty little drink. Add some sparkle to your weekend… (too much? Yeah, I’m kinda kicking myself for that one.) It’ll razz your berry. (alright I’ll stop.)

until next impulse buy,
<3 bakerhi

(Originally Posted July 26, 2013)

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