I Buy Pretty Things #011

Is this fall enough for you? We’re on the cusp of winter, so I had to make sure I posted this before it snowed and it showed how long ago I took these without writing the post. >_>

The packaging for this chocolate was eye catching and sleek.
The chocolate was just as good. 2/2, awesome!IMG_3113

I seem to only pick up pretty chocolate or alcohol. I promise there’s more to me than chocolate and alcohol. I’ll tell you about it right after I buy a bunch of fancy whiskey for the holidays…
But I mean, how could you not pick up chocolate like this? These looked so awesome, and pretty bold for the things that were surrounding it on shelf. I secretly wish I could study symbology, so the little iconography on the packaging caught my eye. I also picked it up because it’s shiny, which officially is a foil printing ink, but unofficially it’s still just pretty and shiny. And you can’t deny organics/private labels. Any company nowadays that doesn’t come into market with strong branding/packaging in place is going to flounder pretty fast.


The inside of the wrappers talk about how when you buy this chocolate it goes to a good cause – it’s that feel good about what you’re eating kind of purchase from an organic AND social/environmental aspect. No chemicals and the money is going to a good cause, even without Sarah McLachlan singing (sorry Sarah – if anyone cares, she has this awesome song that talks about chocolate, but how love is better than that… alright off topic, nevermind). You can find out more info about the chocolate initiative at this website (not a sponsor).


So inside you get a little story about how your purchase helps, and also more shiny. There’s something really fancy about having double wrapped chocolate, it makes you feel more important than you are.

“Oh, a wrapper in a wrapper? I feel like I’m opening a super gift!”


The chocolate itself is all pretty too, both of these bars were a little speckled. The inside of the raspberry bar had little pink raspberry spots in it – which was a cool little pop of color in the chocolate itself. The toffee (seen here) is speckled which was cool, and this was easily the better tasting bar in my opinion. I’m on a toffee kick right now. Mmmmm.

Net net, this is shiny, fancy and good for struggling communities as well as our mouths. Buying outside of major brands is satisfying in more than one way, guys. 🙂

Have you tried any of the other flavors? Have any other packaging you want to share with me? Leave me a note in the comments!


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