I Buy Pretty Things #007 – Awake Chocolate

Here you can see a dimly lit set of packages by two super swell lantern lamps I got in China Town San Fran. I’m working on it. These photos are old and they don’t sell this chocolate in the grocery store anymore, so I’m sorry for the poor quality.

Anyway, Awake Chocolate. I found these suckers in the candy aisle right next to your standard M&M’s and Hershey’s chocolates, and they stood out right away. Why? Well let’s think about this: super modern design and a giant owl. Next to other industry-saturated candy packages. I think you get it. Also, being October and in the mindset of Halloween, I did get excited about the brown/orange color scheme and the adorable Owl. I hope the Owl’s name is Cocoa and he’s sassy. (Edit: Turns out the owl’s name is Nevil 😉 Thanks @awakechocolate twitter!)


So these are caffeinated chocolates, and the ratio is half a cup of coffee to one chocolate. That’s serious caffeine. And delicious caffeine. They all come individually wrapped, which I think is smart because a) you can’t overload yourself on them (they recommend 4 max per day) and b) you can throw them in your bag for an extra tasty boost. 5 hour energy or a piece of chocolate? No brainer.

So far I have only tried the milk chocolate, but I bought the caramel because why not (and packaging). I have a tendency to not go overboard on the caffeine on a regular basis (confession: I don’t drink coffee, but I do drink tea and I definitely have a coke zero problem) so in trying one I didn’t notice too much of an energy difference, but I’m sure it’s there and will hit me when I try to go to bed tonight.

My coworkers tell me the agency (being TetherInc)  who designed these packages spoke at the HOW design conference this past year, and they have Awake as a case study on their website.

Overall, sweet packaging (hahaha chocolate puns), and as far as packaging goes, it certainly does it’s job and I bought it and they win. Packaging always wins.

<3 bakerhi

(Originally Posted Oct 8, 2014)

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