I Buy Pretty Things #011

Is this fall enough for you? We’re on the cusp of winter, so I had to make sure I posted this before it snowed and it showed how long ago I took these without writing the post. >_> The packaging for this chocolate was eye catching and sleek. The chocolate was just as good. 2/2,…


I Buy Pretty Things #002

Guys – for my second (old) installment of I Buy Pretty Things, I show you some not-so-beautiful pictures of this product called “Unreal” I bought 2 years ago. Since this post they’ve gone under a complete rebrand– and it’s beautiful! Check out their new packaging & crazy pretty website at the link above, and if you…

Recipe Time!Tye Dye Pies! (Rainbow cupcakes)  What you’ll need: 1 box of vanilla (or white) cake mix  1 can of sprite!For the topping: M&M’s Buttercream Frosting + 1 tsp cocoa powder and a little yellow food coloring Quickie Instructions: Pour the mix into a bowl, and then pour the entire can of sprite into it….