Chocolate Stuffed Cakemallows

There’s no easy title for these all-encompassing cupcakes. Devil’s food cake + chocolate pudding filling + marshmallow frosting + oreo crumb topping. Cakemallows makes it seems like the cakes are marshmallows, but they’re kinda fluffy cupcakes anyway.. I think this is fine. This little monster from Timid Monsters fame just wants to dive in. Let’s…


Derby Cupcakes

Recipe via King Arthur Flour This past weekend was not only Mother’s Day, but the Kentucky Derby. I intend to go one of these days, but for now I still know nothing about horses and horse racing save for the fancy headwear and gambling. Seabiscuit. There – I even name dropped. What was the one…


Caramel Cookie Bars

When your sister visits, you let her pick what you’re going to make. But you really luck out when she and the husband help you measure everything out, and you don’t get anxiety about it because you trust them. I am so particular about people helping me in the kitchen, I only trust a few people,…


Peanut Butter Balls

Tis the season for easy baking…. Fa la la la la… don’t bake at all. It’s true! You don’t need to bake these! You can even watch me make them, it was really easy, and you could start an assembly line of family to help you make them. Just make sure them hands is clean….


Smorgasbord Cookies

One of the things I said I was going to do when I restarted my blog was transfer out some recipes and update some others. It’s kind of nice to go back and see some of the work you’ve done and how far you’ve come. I did this recipe redo before I flipped blogs, but…


I Buy Pretty Things #011

Is this fall enough for you? We’re on the cusp of winter, so I had to make sure I posted this before it snowed and it showed how long ago I took these without writing the post. >_> The packaging for this chocolate was eye catching and sleek. The chocolate was just as good. 2/2,…