Oreo Balls & Ugly Sweaters

Recipe Time!
Oreo Balls via Oreo!

My method for rolling the balls? Two toothpicks. One to push it around in the chocolate & then stick it and pull it out, the other to help me get the first toothpick out and then cover up the hole. My method is not great. Also I didn’t decorate them because they’re already gone. They’ve been eaten.

What I wish I had done? White chocolate and then stacked them like little snowmen. Or maybe rolled them in shredded coconut for snowballs. Though I don’t know how it would be sticky enough. Or I would’ve dipped them in red chocolate melts and made them look like ornaments.

The things I would’ve done. Isn’t it the thought that counts?

These will be a fan favorite this holiday. My Mom doesn’t even like Oreos (blasphemy) and she can’t get enough of these. My Dad found out they were in my house and was upset I didn’t have them ready at the front door for him!

#Decktheballs this season. Oreo balls. Mmm.

<3 bakerhi

Oreo Balls

By Rhi Published: December 17, 2014

    Two for me - none for you



    1. Using a food processor (or a rolling pin/wine bottle and a ziploc bag) mash up the oreos in to tiny tiny bits.
    2. Mix oreos together with the cream cheese
    3. Form 1 tbsp large balls and freeze for 1 hour
    4. Melt chocolate
    5. Take out frozen balls & lay out some wax paper for the balls to dry on
    6. Carefully roll and/or dip balls into melted chocolate and take out to harden
    7. Decorate as you will
    8. Eat while wearing an ugly sweater

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